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Wine tasting in Prince Edward County

One of Canada’s most exciting wine regions, Prince Edward County is Ontario’s newest Designated Viticultural Area. Situated halfway between Toronto and Montreal, the area is brimming with award winning wineries, as well as cider houses, a brewery and a craft distillery. Producing world class Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling, among others, Prince Edward County offers high quality wines to please every palette. The County’s internationally acclaimed wineries offer a variety of experiences, from tastings and tours to winemakers dinners and live entertainment.

Prince Edward County is also a culinary hotspot. With a history steeped in agriculture, the area once produced a third of Canada's canned goods and there is still an immense amount of pride in local produce.

The “bounty of the County” is available everywhere, from quaint farm stands and boutique stores to cafes and fine dining restaurants. Follow the Taste Trail for a self guided tour of some of the areas most exciting restaurants and wineries.

Wine Tours of The County

Whether a novice or seasoned wine lover, try a professionally guided tour of The County’s wine district and treat your inner sommelier! Start your adventure with one of the local tour operators below!

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Meet the Winemaker: Vida Zalnieriunas, By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery

It’s been over 15 years since Vida Zalnieriunas and her husband Richard Johnston began growing grapes on their storied two-century-old property overlooking Lake Ontario, but Vida can still clearly remember the day the idea was planted. “It was a grey November day and we were strolling around. Stopping at the edge of what had been a cornfield, Richard said, in an excited voice, ‘I think you can plant grapes here.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Are you crazy? Do you know how much work that is?’”

Nevertheless, Richard was relentless, and Vida was eventually won over. Knowing virtually nothing about vines or winemaking, and being one of the first vineyards in the County, it wasn’t easy. But with the help of two key mentors and a lot of hard work, they turned that cornfield and 25 acre property into a vineyard that now produces five white wines and three reds. “I think of myself as a midwife in winemaking,” says Vida of her approach.

Sadly, her midwifery days will soon be over, as they’ve decided it’s time to sell the property. Before they go, we caught up with Vida to hear more about that approach and the story behind one of the County’s winery pioneers.

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A diverse landscape for the whole family

You’ll be amazed at the diversity Prince Edward County offers. Surrounded by water, the County is home to some of Canada’s best beaches and trails. Best known for the internationally acclaimed Sandbanks Provincial Park and the mysterious Lake on the Mountain, the County also boasts North Beach Provincial Park, Little Bluff Conservation Area and the 49 kilometer long Millennium Trail. From exploring hiking trails to world class fishing and water sports like windsurfing and wakeboarding, there are a multitude of activities for the whole family.

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