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Whether a novice or seasoned wine lover, try a professionally guided tour of The County’s wine district and treat your inner sommelier! Start your adventure with one of the local tour operators below!

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Meet the Winemaker: Vida Zalnieriunas, By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery

It’s been over 15 years since Vida Zalnieriunas and her husband Richard Johnston began growing grapes on their storied two-century-old property overlooking Lake Ontario, but Vida can still clearly remember the day the idea was planted. “It was a grey November day and we were strolling around. Stopping at the edge of what had been a cornfield, Richard said, in an excited voice, ‘I think you can plant grapes here.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Are you crazy? Do you know how much work that is?’”

Nevertheless, Richard was relentless, and Vida was eventually won over. Knowing virtually nothing about vines or winemaking, and being one of the first vineyards in the County, it wasn’t easy. But with the help of two key mentors and a lot of hard work, they turned that cornfield and 25 acre property into a vineyard that now produces five white wines and three reds. “I think of myself as a midwife in winemaking,” says Vida of her approach.

Sadly, her midwifery days will soon be over, as they’ve decided it’s time to sell the property. Before they go, we caught up with Vida to hear more about that approach and the story behind one of the County’s winery pioneers.

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Kingston 1000 Islands Dining for Every Palette

With more restaurants per capita than nearly any city in Canada, you're guaranteed to find something new and delicious! Casual & fine dining, unique creations and pub fare - you'll find it all and more in Kingston!




Tango Nuevo


The Rose & Crown


Must-Try Restaurants

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Wine & Food in The Great WaterwayView Photo Gallery

Dining in The Great Waterway

Are you looking for genuine dining experiences during your stay in the beautiful The Great Waterway? Try these eclectic offerings of restaurants - we promise that you'll be back for more!

Follow your nose for an Ontario wine tour

The wine and cheese culture of The Great Waterway has been helped along by a full calendar of festivals and cultural events. If you like the pipes and drums, don’t miss the Glengarry Highland Games. For a fun way to do just that, start your South Eastern Ontario wine tour by finding your favorite vintage in Prince Edward County. Then ask for it by name as you follow The Great Waterway along the shore of Lake Ontario and the mighty St. Lawrence River. A great way to finish a half-day 1000 Islands boat tour in this area is with candle-light Italian dining at the Trinity House Inn by the river in Gananoque.

Further downstream in Morrisburg, Milano’s Pizzeria offers more than just pizza and plates feature local walleye caught fresh. With local and artisanal fare available all along The Great Waterway, you will really need to work at it if you want to go hungry. And judging by the buzz around Ontario wine right now, visitors who are familiar with Niagara wine tours in Southern Ontario are quickly adding the cideries and wineries of Prince Edward County to their lists of ‘must-do’ Ontario wine tours.

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Discover the artisanal foods and wineries of Prince Edward County

Great artisanal foods and master chefs are peppered among the award-winning wineries of Prince Edward County. This edgy young region on the shore of Lake Ontario midway between Montreal and Toronto offers a compelling alternative to Niagara wine tours. Stop for a tasting or tour and stay for dinner. You can learn while you sip at the cooking schools and wineries of Prince Edward County.

Michael Hoy of Huff Estates and Cynthia Peters at From the Farm Cooking School draw inspiration from the fresh produce of local farms. The local-food movement is in full swing here, providing pure dairy for artisanal cheeses, excellent cidery apples, and barley for distinctive micro breweries. Try the County Cider Company for a hard cider and lunch of locally-grown goodies on their patio overlooking Lake Ontario.

+ Love apples? Pick your own in South Eastern Ontario

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